Hide priority color from customer

  • Used Zammad version: 3.4
  • Used Zammad installation source: pkg
  • Operating system: Ubuntu
  • Browser + version: Chrome 85

Is it possible to hide the priority color from the customer. The customer cannot see the assigned priority in the ticket but they do see the ticket as red or lighter blue depending on high or low priority. I’d like the priority to be only internal for admins and agents. Maybe this is a feature request?

I’m afraid that this is not possible as of now.
The reason for this is that it’s technically the same frontend, just with different permissions.

This is a feature request in this case, yes. :slight_smile:

What if I just want to make it all the same color for agents, customers and admins can that be done with the custom css?

Yes, that’s perfectly possible.

How would I go about doing that? I tried editing the custom css file but it didn’t work.

You’ll have to precompile the assets after changing them:
zammad run rake assets:precompile

You may also have to restart the Zammad service.

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