Hide addressbook entry from being selectable

This is Zammad version 2.4.x from docker-compose

We seem to attract junk in our address book/user list, ie someone will email
validaddress@here.com and then cc

we end up with doesntexist@here.com in our zammad user list which then popups up as an auto-complete suggestion when emailing someone from within zammad, ie in the To: field as you start typing an address it might give doesntexist@here.com as a suggestion to auto-complete.

Deleting only removes it until the next time it gets added back, marking it inactive doesn’t stop it appearing as a suggestion either.

Is there a way to keep it in the user list but make it not show in the suggested auto-complete list?

Not as I know of, but in my understanding disabling the user should also “hide” the e-mail address. Maybe a feature request will solve this.

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