Having trouble with Triggers (Email Notification on update)

Used Zammad version: 5.2.x
Used Zammad installation type: package
Database: MySQL 5.1
Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04.4
Browser + version: Chrome Version 107.0.5304.107

Expected behavior:

  • Send an email notification to the customer on ticket update (note)

Actual behavior:

  • No email is send

Hi there, I’m sadly having trouble setting up Triggers for Zammad. If a new ticket is created or closed emails get sent out and that works totally fine but on Ticket updates it doesn’t work and I can’t figure out why.
Of course I had a look inside production.log files but couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary either.
Users/Customers are integrated via LDAP and all have a valid email adress
I attached screenshots of the Trigger/Email Setup and the configured group.

Would appreciate any kind of input/ideas greatly!

We generally only use notes for internal comments, so I haven’t fully tested this. However; I think your Article Type needs to be note (if you are using the notes in Zammad). I don’t think you need sender at all. I would only setup visibility to public, so you can have internal notes that don’t go to clients.

Something like this, I think will work:

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Appreciate the idea. Just got around to testing it out but unfortunately it didn’t work like this aswell (for me atleast).

If I understand correctly, you are using the ‘note’ field to update the ticket and would like that to email customers?

I just tested it and it is working for me. I tested with both Internal/Public settings and internal/public notes. Perhaps there is an issue with your Zammad.