Groups, Agents and other Sidebar Ticket Improvements

Hi, and thanks for providing us such great software!

I would like to see some UX Improvements as well as Ticket Management Features. The following should be archived and is linked together in my mind:

  1. Changeable Contact Reason Tree’s
    What I mean is that if we only use one email for everything (e.g.,, it’s hard to assign the tickets automatically to the correct user, and the wrong user sets himself to the ticket.
    A CR Tree would change that fundamentally. That means a ticket comes in, and it’s all about company hardware, which is accidentally damaged by a third party person. Therefore a proper CR could look like:

    Group: English
    – Group Lvl 1: Hardware
    ---- Group Lvl 2: Damage
    -------- Group Lvl 3: Third-Party

    A CR Tree for an Invoice Question would look like this:

    Group: English
    – Group Lvl 1: Accounting
    ---- Group Lvl 2: Question
    -------- Group Lvl 3: Invoice

    This list could be endless, but I hope you get the point. Group Level 1-3 is based on the chosen Root Group.

  2. Assign Groups to Agents and reflect these Groups on Ticket
    That feature reflects that an agent can only assign himself to the groups where he’s assigned to. So he might see invoice questions, but if he’s from the IT department, he would only be able to assign hardware, software, and other IT-related issues.

I will add features in the same category once they come to my mind.

These features would help a lot of people to organize their tickets in a better way. I know that you already provided us with custom fields. In my opinion, this would be a considerable upgrade to the custom field functionality.

I would be happy to discuss these features with you guys and the great community if you all also think that this would significantly improve how to handle tickets within Zammad.

All the best,

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