Group - Assignment Timeout based on Calendar

Hi Zammad-Team,

It would be nice if you could optionally assign a “Calendar” for the “Assignment Timeout” of the “Groups”.
So that the timeout is no longer based on absolute times but on the “Business Hours” and “Holidays” stored in the calendar.
I can imagine that this would help many people who only have a limited work week/time, but still have a tight schedule.

We currently have a recurring occurrence of tickets being returned to the group over the weekend.
Although our agents are required to put open tickets in “waiting for reminder” over the weekend, it still happens from time to time that this is forgotten or a ticket that is in “pending customer” is changed to “open” by a customer response outside working hours.

I hope this feature wasn’t already requested, but i could find anything about this via the search.

All the best and thank you for this great product!


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