Generate support agent statistics

As I couldn’t find a way to achieve what I’m looking for I open it as a “Feature request”, but maybe I’m just missing something.

I would like to extract simple statistics like:

  • How much support tickets where handled by support agent X in total and on average by week, month, year,… Handing for me means in the first step that they assign the ticket to themself
  • Other statistics like closed in total and on average by week, month, year. would be nice as well.

Is there a way to generate/lookup such statistics?

I tried to get the number of tickets handled in total by a simple search for “” but this fails because the search results are limited to 50.

Is it possible to generate similar statistics? Or is there anything planed?

Additional Note: The “Report Profiles” go a bit in this direction. But they are to static, I would need to configure them for each support agent in advance in the admin area and than everyone could select this profiles. If the “Reporting” view would be more dynamic and would allow to create graphs on-demand by the users it could solve already most of my requirements


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Maybe Grafana can do some things of what you want:

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Thanks, Grafana is a nice idea.

For now I followed another approach which works quite nice as well:

  1. A PHP script which uses the search API to fetch the data I’m looking for
  2. Some Gnuplot magic to turn the data into graphs.

There is only one short coming of my approach. I want to create statistics on a weekly basis. Therefore I fetch each Sunday all tickets, create the last 7 days. Check which are assigned to whom and how many are still unassigned. But this way I miss tickets which might have been created already the week before but where only assigned last week to a support agent. This tickets don’t show up in my current search and therefore also not in my statistics.

I wonder if there is a way to search for “all tickets where the assignment status changed within a time span” (in my case, last week). Maybe someone has a creative idea how to get this data?