"Fuzzy" search: "Backupserver" should find tickets with "Backup-Server"


I’ve created a ticket in our Zammad test instance with the following properties:

Subject: Mein Backup-Server ist kaputt
Text: Hallo mein Backup-Server ist kaputt

As expected, the following two search terms will find this ticket easily

  • backup -> matches the ticket
  • backup-server -> matches the ticket

But unfortunately, the following term doesn’ work:

  • backupserver -> DOES NOT match the ticket

Vice versa, the search term backup-server will not find tickets that only contain the word Backupserver.

I believe that this would be a useful feature if the search would be able to find those tickets, even if the search term doesn’t exactly match the ticket. As far as I can tell, ElasticSearch should be in principle capable enough to accomplish this; I’ve found this page that seems to explain the necessary configuration: https://jprante.github.io/elasticsearch-analysis-hyphen/

But unfortunately I don’t enough about ElasticSearch to implement this in our test instance. Maybe this would be a useful feature to add to Zammad?

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