Flashing browser title or other noticeable event


As an attempt to capture attention of an operator I’d like to have some action which can let the user know there’s something pending. Of course we have desktop notification, email and whatever, but it would be great to have something else which captures user attention even if he’s focused on something else or not at the desktop when the notification arrives.

I was thinking about flashing browser title, for example. Or an unread messages count above favicon, like some webmail providers do.

Suggestions? Other solutions?


just to make sure: The accoustic notification isn’t well enough beside the desktop notification?
Personally I’d really distract me if something starts blinking in my Browser (I hate it).

On the other site, I like the idea with the unread notifications as counter in the title.


I’m considering the situation where the agent is not at their desk, so may not notice a new ticket has arrived.

When they come back they need something to gather their attention. If the ticket is not their matter or not urgent they can just mark the messages as read, and the notification will go away

Just my opinion: I think the workflow has flaws.
Don’t get me wrong.
When I leave my desk, the first thing I check is teamchat and Zammad as ticket system.

Might be, because supporting is my main task, but I nearly never miss anything with that. :-X

That’s the point: we do many other things, support is just one of them.

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