Firefox browser extension v0.

I’ve started developing a browser extension to annoy agents when they have unread notifications.

As I wrote elsewhere we have many tasks, and support is one of them. Making sure agents promptly check out new requests when they arrive is very important to us, but we’re not always on place or have tenths of browser window open, letting a ticket slip off track is very easy.

This is still a pre pre version, I haven’t published it on stores yet. If anyone is interested in testing and developing it’s hosted on Gitlab.
It can be tested in Firefox by going to about:debugging and loading temporary addon. On the file prompt load manifest.json and the extension is running until the browser is closed.

The extension uses token for accessing Zammad. To create one go to your user profile > Access token and ask for a new one. As of now only user_preferences.notifications permission is required.

Haven’t tested yet on Chrome.

Feedback (and pull requests) are welcome!

Next goal: display notification text, do not disturb mode, persistent notification until manually dismissed (is it possible?).

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