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it is possible to send a Email to a specific user whose email address is determined from the content of the ticket via RegEx?
It looks so that only these four choices are possible:

It would be helpful if a recipient field were possible, which can deal with this input:

Text: contains: regex: ([\ w (.) -] {2,} @ [\ w -] {3,} [.] [\ W -] {2,}

The result should be a recipient like:

Thanks and kind regards

It’s currently not possible, no.
However, soon™.

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Sorry for the confusion I should read a bit better.
It’s not possible to extract mail addresses from mails via regular expression.

As far as I’m aware this is not planned.
However, soon™ sending mail to specific users will be possible.

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Thanks for your answer.
In what kind of time the expansion is to be expected?

Sorry, but we generally don’t provide time frames.
The reason for this is that if I’d say e.g. 4 weeks from now and something slows down the process and it makes it 6 weeks, you’ll be disappointed.

This is why we prefer to go the “it’s coming when it’s ready” way.
I hope you can understand.

It’s planned to be part of Zammad 3.4. So the next release.

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