Feedback and suggestions for using Zammad with a lot of departments

Hey, right now I tested Zammad for quiet a long time and want to share some of my thoughts with you.
First of all, I had no problems getting Comfortable with the whole system neither as Admin nor as Agent or Customer and I really like the whole concept.

In my tests the most things I wanted worked and when I got problems there were Solutions on Github/here or I got help in my new issues. This works also really good and is very nice.
But when I came to the thoughts of implementing Zammad as a service in the whole company and tested how things work with more Agents, Groups, departments etc., there are some things that are not so good.
In one sentence: In some parts of the System you think to “global”. In my case there are 3 examples.

  1. When you have a small amount of agents and not much separated departments it works fine to have one or some admin/s for creating overviews you want. But when you have many different departments and agents with different conditions, the admins can’t manage the different overviews for every user.
    This needs to be more individual for fulfilling the needs of every one, everyone should have the ablitity to create his own overviews.
    It’s also no option to give some people the right to create/edit overviews because they would be allowed to create/edit the overviews of everyone.

  2. It’s the same like above with the attributes which are shown in the overviews, everyone wants to see other things and this should be editable for everyone for himself.

  3. It’s also the same as mentioned above, but this time with the custom fields for the tickets. For example one group needs the PC Name as an attribute and another group needs the uid of an incoming event. When I add the two custom fields “uid” and “PC Name”, both groups see them.
    Furthermore when I set one of them as necessary for ticket creation, every group has to fill the field even if it is unnecessary for them.
    The custom fields should be created for specific groups only or can be set as global.

Every feedback is welcome and please let me now if I have overseen something.


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Yes i agree, something like “case type” would be a great addition where you can define a set of attributes/required fields/case template for all cases belonging to say a specific group. Then you could also have different views for different case types and workflows assigned to those.

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