Feature-Request: make migration more configurable for high volume and high load

Right now you need to modify multiple files to be able to reduce the load on OTRS and to be able to increase timeouts. To be more specific


def threaded_import(remote_object, args = {})
      thread_count = args[:threads] || 3
      limit        = args[:limit]   || 20

Here I had to reduce the load on OTRS by decreasing
thread_count = 3

but the limit value of 20 would be better to increase in this case e.g. to 80 or 100 to make the migration faster
limit = 80

this values shall be available as zammad console commands to make the migration more configurable


response = UserAgent.post(
    open_timeout:  50,
    read_timeout:  600,
    total_timeout: 1800,
    user:          Setting.get('import_otrs_user'),
    password:      Setting.get('import_otrs_password'),

the very short connection values kicked me in the a… so also this values shall be able to edit in the zammad console to make the migration even more reliable.
The above values are my values, which worked very well. My migration was running fine for nearly 36hours (10 Mio tickets)

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