Feature request: Hovering over tickets to see issue

Hi Zammad Forum,

We had an old ticket system. We went recently over to Zammad. But, we think there can be one improvement.

What if you can hover over a ticket to see some of the reply’s, so you do not need to open it to see the details.
I have added a image of our older system, where this was possible.


It might can be an option of default to be off, but in settings to get turned on. Also I think it would be fine if you could select this option for administrator only, or for all (so playing with the permissions).

Could this be a option in the feature?
Team ICT@School


we had this topic several times by now (see: Ticket Mouse-Over Preview ) - but up to now there never really was any real feedback. It looks like a very small user base needs this, which is why we currently don’t see the benefit for the whole Zammad community to implement this.

If you still need this, we can still offer custom developements, if that’s of any use for you.
If you need more information on that, you can find them here:

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