Feasibility of JSON string in custom System Object

This is not so much a “I have a technical problem” question.

I’m trying to ascertain whether Zammad is a good fit for the problem my organisation has.

The data we want to register per ticket is somewhat nested and quite a lot. The currently available types for Object attributes are not sufficient for our use case.

I was thinking I could extend Zammad (either core or through some a plugin system) as follows. I could set the Object attribute to JSON. It would be a JSON string in the database then. I’d have to supply a .js file at the same time which would create the dynamic UI for the CRUD-operations on this field. Then lastly for exporting purposes (or maybe filtering/searching purposes) I’d have to supply some code (in a .rb file?) that would be called every time the data in the field needs to be unpacked.

Does this sound reasonable? Or is this a BAD IDEA™?


Hi Niels,

That’s actually possible. We’re doing the very sam thing for one of our customers. They store machine information in a dedicated object with a store attribute holding licensing, serial number and other attributes. The structure is then handled by a special .coffee file in the frontend which renders the content. However, this information is read only.
Regarding the building effort: Figuring things out took quite a while - and it’s not CRUD.

Please be aware that we can’t give free community support on that level.

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