Exchange sync only for out of office


we want only the out of office information from Exchnage. All Agent Users and informations comes over LDAP and Customers over REST-API.

It is possible to sync the oput of office information for the Ldap Agents?


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Hi @Newan,

unfortunately not right now. This would be a feature request for upcoming releases.


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thanks for the reply, i change the group :wink:

Just because I’m curious: What do you want to achieve with syncing that option?
Is it just for internal agents information or does it go into customer direction, too?

i would to enable the absence assistant in zammad from exchange, but not the contacts from exchange:

“The Out of Office Assistant
Agents can enter start and end time of their absence and define a stand-in. Typical events such as follow-up inquiries or escalations are automatically forwarded to the stand-in. All absences are serial, which means they get forwarded to the stand-in’s stand-in when more than one agent is absent”

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