Error when setting up email channel for group

I can’t add an email channel for the group, even though I have unsecured access turned on, when I add a new email, the message end of file reached ,
smtp part is faulty, although I use outlock using normal smtp

install centos7, This is Zammad version 3.6.x




Your mail server prematurely closes the connection or sends a malformed response.
This is nothing you can solve on Zammad end. This happens sometimes in hosted setups and self heals within 10-15 minutes. That is for existing accounts.

However, note that Google will end Basic Authentication support for email accounts.
You may want to use the gmail channel instead: Accounts — Zammad documentation

This is not topic related.
Looks like your Zammad server is overloaded and does not respond in time to your proxy server.

Reloading should show the same or take ages to load.
You may want to check our performance tuning section:

Keep Zammads minimum requirements in mind.

I have fixed the getway time out error, but I’m not set auto mail channel , config manual inbond ok, but outbot SMTP fase


I still believe you should use the Google channel instead of the mail channel:

Apart your user looking invalid, you may want to use Port 465 or 587 instead.
Some providers to block traffic on port 25.

thank you support

I guarantee all the parameters are correct
I solved the problem by using an app password and got access. tls 587 smtp

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