Empty line above signature?


  • Used Zammad version: 3.1.0

When we reply to emails, we want the following “syntax” for the email:

  1. Personal greeting
  2. individual response
  3. agent’s signature
  4. quote header
  5. full quote of the original email/conversation

To reach this goal, we configured zammad as follows:

  • activate “full quote” and “quote header” in every agent’s reply-settings
  • set a signature to mail channel, like this:
Hallo #{ticket.customer.firstname} #{ticket.customer.lastname},

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

#{user.firstname} #{user.lastname}

---- snip ---- (rest signature)

Once configured, that’s working quite well. :+1:
But… (and now I’m coming to the point): since some months/versions, there is always one empty line at the very top of the email. :worried: Even above the greeting. :roll_eyes:
And on every single email reply, we have to do this little finger dance to kill this annoying first empty line…

I think this was an “improvement” in zammad some versions ago, someone thought “okay, above the signature, there must always be an empty line”. :thinking:
Hmm, not in my case. :point_up:
And I think there was no need to hardcode this, because if someone needs a empty line in (or above) their signature, he can add it to the signature itself.

To help myself, I looked in the code :face_with_monocle:, and found this line :star_struck:.
On my server, I edited /opt/zammad/app/asse......ion/email_reply.coffee and commented that line out - but unfortunately, it doesn’t change anything. :pensive:
Our “starting empty line” is still here, in every single “compose reply”.
Even after restarting zammad service, and browser reload. :thinking:

That’s why I wrote my story here, in hope someone knows how to improve/finish my hack (knowing I have to repeat it after every zammad update :sweat:), or maybe someone from the zammad team reads this and thinks again whether this body.prepend('<br>') needs to be hardcoded - and maybe let the admin decide himself to include an starting empty line to his signature or not. :heart_eyes:


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Hey @chrisblech - I saw your pull request. The first question that came to my mind was: Why don’t you use the text modules? For example we have multiple versions of greeting our customers: Formal female, formal male, formal neutral, personal female, personal male, personal neutral. All those a fingertip away with ::hf etc. This comes with the cost of entering 4-5 chars but is super easy, fun (!), efficient and makes your customer interactions much more personal. What do you think?

Additionally: Did you run zammad run rake assets:precompile on your machine after changing the coffee file? If not that’s why your changes had no effect.

I unlocked this topic to allow chris to reply to this if needed. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your response Thorsten, and thanks to Marcel for re-opening the thread.

I aggree that including the greeting in the signature isn’t meant to be the official way to provide and insert a whole template.
But as we are replying to more than 2K mails per year, every single keystroke that can be saved saves time and nerves of our team. We have also choosen a greeting that fits to all genders (even divers) and don’t want to seperate our customers between formal and personal contacts, so typing even the shortcut (text module) for the greeting would be a thing that can and should be automated when ever possible.

And yes: zammad run rake assets:precompile after modifying the email_reply.coffee does the thing.

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