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Dear Zammad supporters,

Could you kindly clarify the difference between lock-open note and lock-closed note?

According to documentation, closed-lock note is available to all Agents only (internal-note) and open-lock note is available to all Agents and Customer. But apparently Customer doesn’t receive email notification if note is open to me. I tried to set up Trigger, but Trigger doesn’t have the condition to send only open-locked note notifications.

And one more thing, is there a way to change default action on ticket? Currently it is internal note, but let’s say we don’t use them much so having email response by default could be more convenient.

Thank you for great product!

Hi Jester,

I am using Zammad 2.2.0 and 2.4.0.
The trigger have a condition for your case. Under ‘Article’ there is a point ‘Visibility’ with ‘is’/‘is not’ ‘internal’/‘public’.

So if you want to sent only open-locked (public) notes, you have to set the ‘Type’ to ‘is’ ‘note’ and ‘Visibility’ to ‘is’ ‘public’. And also if you didn’t want, that the user gets his own entered notes as Mail, you can also determine the ‘Sender’ of the article (‘System’/‘Agent’/‘Customer’).

I hope I could help you,
Best Regards

Hi Sandalas,

Thank you so much! This is exactly what I was looking for.

Have a great day!

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