Email Agent on New ticket via customer Email to Include Email body


We only have a small number of tickets, so I am creating a trigger to send an email to all agents when a new ticket is created from an customer email. I have the trigger working however I would like to include the text from the customer email in the email to the agents. What placeholder do I use for this?


not sure about that - it may be


You’ll have to try. All available trigger placeholers will be shown if you type “::” in the placeholder window.

Unfortunately that doesn’t work. In fact I tried every placeholder in the “::” placeholder window and none of them have the body of the email received from the customer…

any other idea’s?

I think I know what’s happening now. I actually had 2 triggers set up to fire when a new ticket was created from a customer email. 1 trigger to respond to the customer and another to send an email notification to all agents of the new ticket and the contents of the ticket. What is happening is that when the second trigger fires it’s picking up the response email to the customer as the last content and #{article.body_as_html} returns the body of the response email and not the body of the email from the customer.

Given that I want to send an email to all agents when a ticket is raised (and I want to send a response to the customer ) how do I set up the triggers to achieve that?

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