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How can I edit the tracked time? Is there a possibility?

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editing is not possible directly. You can use negative time units when accounting time after adding a note for example. Note that this might getting abused by users.


To confirm, is a time unit = to 1 minute or 1 hour?

Ie 15min = 0.25 or is it 15?


Is 1 time unit defined by the org, is 15min of billed time. So if it was, 4 units it would be 1 hour. $10 * 4 = $40 per hour.

Time unit can be anything you want.

There are e.g. companies that will use time units for billing.
It can be like 1 time unit is 6 minutes (because 10 time units will be an hour which is easy to calculate).

Others say it’s minutes, other say its hours. It’s perfectly up to you how you want it to be :slight_smile:

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OK! perfect thanks! I will make sure our team knows :slight_smile:

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