Edit E-mail Settings & Models

  • Used Zammad version: 2.7.x
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 16.04

Hi Comm,
I have two requests for you today :sweat_smile:
1- I would change the email notification settings, i would open the ticket from a mail only when i click or reply to the ticket so the email reply of creation of the ticket starts only when i open the ticket and not when zammad receive a mail.
Because a lot of mails in my mail-account are reply or spam and i wouldn’t creation of ticket when an email was received.
2- Where and how can i modify the email models?
Thank you :eyes:

@thorsteneckel is it possible?

Hi @bmaurizio - I’m sorry but I can’t answer all questions where I get mentioned. Usually only @MrGeneration mentions me when he thinks I can contribute anything valuable to a topic. In my limited free time I strive through the board and see where I can help. As I see you got some open questions. If they are urgent please think about signing up for our commercial services for self hosted installations or our SaaS service. Otherwise please be patient and give other members of the community the chance to help you out. Thanks for your understanding.

ok sorry :sweat_smile:

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