Does the quantity of overviews influence the speed of server?

We have ~300 Agents.
Online ~150 every time
We have 60 ovierviews.

Every body sees everythink.

Will it increase performance for all agents, if i will create many roles, and make all agents to see only them needed overviews?

At the end result, agent will see ~15 overviews on average. (now every see 60)

The overviews will need to be updated anyway, less overviews as a whole will be better for performance. If you really need all those overviews, consider performance tuning your install and be extra sure to properly tune your PostgreSQL database. See “Configure Database server”. Monitor your server’s metrics and health and tune accordingly to you hardware specs.


If an agent has access to fewer overviews it’s definitely better for the general performance. Especially when you have many concurrent agents.

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