Docker - each app as standalone image/container

I want that each app is standalone.
Need 2 zammad’s as docker containers (for 2 different companys; each has his own admin), 1 database app (like mariadb; each company has his own database in it), 1 webserver (nginx), 1 postfix…

I don’t need and like to use docker-compose for this.

I read also that

the zammad service itself contains of 3 main containers; railserver, scheduler and websocket.

Does this mean really 3 own containers?

I don’t know what all these commands in the dockerfile and the scripts (*.sh) will do, but i see that postifx, postgresql and so on will be installed too.
So it will run 1 container with all apps in it.

Who knows how to split these apps to use this in another docker images (as standalone)?

No one knows docker to split the application? :face_with_monocle:

Sorry but this is a community driven forum.
You can’t expect an answer to a specific topic.

Your approach does entirely go into the opposite direction the container suggestions go.
It’s not recommended.

Having a look at

may however help you on your approach.
Note that the zammad-docker approach is not production save. You’ll loose data.

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