Do not make "not activ" users available in search list

maybe I have a mistake on my configuration.

We have some users / Clients from our test. This accounts I have disabled / set to not aktive.
But the agents can still select these accounts as “client” for a new ticket.

2021-07-20 20_40_40-Zammad Helpdesk - Anruf eingehend

Can someone help me?

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Yes. This is actually working as designed and not a bug or invalid configuration.
The reason is that you may have to create a ticket for a user that is inactive for whatever reason.

This is why Zammad does indicate the user being inactive.
You can still create tickets like the user would be inactive. It mostly affects being able to login.

If you don’t want the user to be used at all, you may want to consider removing the user account entirely via data privacy: Data Privacy — Zammad documentation

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