Display all articles as single column in ticket overview

Dear community,

our agents are tired of opening each and single ticket in the ticket overview to get a clue of what is being asked from our customers by the tickets or just watch the history.

So we’ve implemented a new column “all articles” which gives an overview. Our agents can simple scroll through the list.

We would like to contribute our code. What are the next steps?

Alex Riemer


Certainly sounds like an interesting feature and I’d be interested in trying it out. Do you have a repository with the changes already published somewhere?

Regarding the steps, all I can directly link to is this:


Same here!

If you have a github repository i’ll gladly look into it!

The changes currently exist as a Git branch in a cloned zammad project locally at my colleague.

Should we just push our changes and you’ll look at the branch?


That sounds like a reasonable step to me, would be good to see what exactly you’ve made to be able to provide feedback. :smile:

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Are there any special requirements for the branch name and does anyone have the right to push to a (new) branch?

You push to your own fork of Zammad, not the main repository.

The branch name doesn’t need a special name as far as I’m aware, a short descriptive term for your feature would be good. Maybe something like all-articles-overview.

Hey guys,

sorry for the delay but we had to do the Github fork stuff first.

However. You can watch our first changes here: GitHub - yuliyaKras/zammad at article-body-in-table-2

We still have issues with styling (you’ll see it). Maybe you can give us some hints how to solve them.


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Thank you so much for this! I had a similar hang up with Zammad a while ago.

We had the idea to solve this using a mouseover popup:

I would like to have the functionality to see a quick ticket summary when hovering with my mouse over a ticket title.
Most ticket titles are very vague so I have to open all tickets to find out where to dispatch them. Being able to get a quick glimpse at the tickets content would speed up our 1st level dispatching quite nicely :slight_smile:
A mouseover summary popup is already done nicely with the customer field:


Could anyone invest some time in having a look into this? We’d like to push our code into the main project…