Disable "View as customer/agent" (aus Benutzersicht ansehen)

  • Used Zammad version: 3.2
  • Used Zammad installation source: deb
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04
  • Browser + version: Edge Chromium

Expected behavior:

Being Able to disable the possibility for some users to log in as other users

Actual behavior:

everybody in the company can chose “view as agent” (aus Benutzersicht ansehen) and act as other agents

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

choose “view as agent”


I noticed that everybody that has the right to create and manage users is able to login as other users.
In some cases, that leaded to faulty editorials with credentials of some other user.

Also, I created Groups for i.e. the CEO that nobody can see. Here I am working on private tickets, for example salary of the users.

How can I disable some users from logging into other users, but that users shall be able to create and edit users?

You should overthink your agents rights then.
Seems like all of your agents do have administrative rights (at least on user) which shouldn’t be the way at any point.

Agents do not need the user right to be able to see, edit and create new customer accounts.
Please look at your permissions and over think them, they don’t seem to be intended to me.

To make it short: You can’t disable “view as user” - this is a admin only option.

We really need the right to add new customers for all our agents.
In that case, it would also be nice being able to edit them. Without that right, we can’t do our work.

They also shall be able to add new organisations.

But noone but me needs to be able to login with credentials of other users.

That is default functionality of Zammad!
You don’t need the admin.user permission for that!

The examples above show an account with agent permission only.

If you need your agents to create organizations (everyone of them for whatever reason), only give the agent role the admin.organization permission and you’re good to go!

Please also ensure that your agents to understand what they’re doing - especially in organization context (in case your customers do login to Zammad; Especially “sharing organizations”):

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Thanks a lot. That helped :slight_smile:

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