Delete old attachments in Zammad and show them over IMAP if needed

Table store_provider_dbs is growing: every day +500Mb-2Gb. I want feature of automatic deleting old attachments from Zammad and download them from mailbox when needed.

just to get this right. Tickets should be stored, but not the attachments. This should only be gathered from IMAP when they are needed. Is this correct?
I don’t think that this is “a good” way.

  1. We then would rely on the IMAP Performance
  2. It only works for setups were mails are not deleted from the IMAP (which is the default)
  3. It opens new problems. What happens when the mail is moved?

I get your point but this is not a good/reliable solution.
You have to make a decision keep attachments in Zammad, delete old attachments (incl. Tickets) in Zammad and just look them up via an IMAP client or just keep them and let the DB grow


@Hannes: Would it be feasible to have a seperate “Attachment storage” as configurable option where you can point to a smb/nfs share for attachment storage? Then strip the attachments from the incoming mail and store it there. Then you could manually delete old attachments on the file system level but you would obviously need some cleanup function to check whether the attachments are still available (or loose the full text search on attachments when using a seperate attachment store outside the database)?

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