Default role permissions for new customers


  • Used Zammad version: 5.2.3
  • Used Zammad installation type: docker-compose
  • Operating system: Debian 11.5
  • Browser + version: chrome 108

Expected behavior:

  • Tickets are created when new customers write an Email to Zammad for the first time.

Actual behavior:

  • a user was created
  • no ticket was created
  • the email was fetched from IMAP but isn’t accessible anymore in IMAP or Zammad

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • I assume it is related to the permissions set for the default role in Zammad.
    my customer edited that role so that new customers were only allowed to change their password(?)
  • atfer adding “ticket.customer” perm it seems to work again

How to solve this:

  • spammers should be kept from creating X tickets
  • customers should be able to write from a new email sender address and create a ticket
  • we at least would like to see the email’s content and then decide if to register that customer or not

Additional information:

The email-address for the Zammad mailbox is also used as mailbox on other systems (MS Outlook). So mails are sent via Outlook to existing customers, they reply and that reply gets into Zammad where the customer is not yet created/registered.

In a perfect world somebody would create the user in Zammad before contacting the customer, that should also solve it.

thanks for any pointers

The underlying question:

“what are the required permissions in the default role to allow new email senders to create tickets?”

We want minimal perms for that role, sure.

2nd q: if that default role did NOT have the permission to create tickets: where did the emails go …? can we somehow access them in Zammad’s DB or something? (they were fetched from IMAP … )

If the mail was fetched successfully and you as an agent can’t find the mail, you’ll most likely have no access to the group the ticket went to. You can learn more about group’s permission levels here: Group Access Levels — Zammad documentation

You by the way can double check that by logging in as customer to see if the customer can see the issue. That’s by default the case.

Another possible reason is a faulty overview configuration. Overviews — Zammad documentation

So would a ticket be created even when that user (with so far unregistered email in Zammad) doesn’t have “ticket.customer” in the default permissions? Or would the email be silently “dropped” ?

thanks for the “login as customer” tip, might help to find something

Zammad will automatically create new user accounts as needed.
This behavior is described in our documentation here: Users — Zammad documentation (first note)

Which permissions / roles the user receives depends on your configuration - this is described here:

Usually the user would have ticket.customer permission along others.