Dataprotection with own installation


which data (statistics) is sending from the own installation to the zammad servers? How is thies with the integrations with Twitter, Facebook and Telegram, if I use not thies features?

I think the following site will answer your question perfectly:

If you don’t use API-Integrations like Twitter, facebook or Telegram, zammad shouldn’t send any data. If you configure it, of course, there will be communication. A further hint, as it’s not on the docs and I know there’re people that have fallen for it:

Under Settings -> [Settings] System -> Frontent there is a option called “Send client status”. This enables debug logging to zammad logservers (basically logfile entries are being sent life to zammad). I do not know if the logfiles get anonymized before - but this option shouldn’t be enabled unless zammad stuff asks you for debugging reasons.

Hope that helps.

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