Data synchronisation - Creates several resources with one API call

Dear all

We are currently integrating zammad with our CRM and since there is no official integration available we have to develop one by our own.

The challenge that we are facing is as follows:

We have to import several thenthousand records of user/organisation data. Whilst we found a solution to do a “differential” update containing only the changed data sets we are now facing an issue considering the “initial” import.

In order to drastically improve performance we thought it would help if we could POST multiple items at once and therefore work with batches.

  • Does the API support “batch” POST requests?

As alternative we save that we could send a POST request similar to which would allow us to prepare CSV and import them afterwards. But still here we have some questions:

  • Does the API accept remote files
  • Is this request supported by the PHP API client?

Generally we are hoping that somebody else has already been in this situation and found a solution to it…

BR wucherpfennig