Data Base in Zammad-Console using docker compose

Hello everyone,

I installed Zammad using Docker Compose. I’m trying to access the Zammad console via railsserver container using the command:

docker-compose exec zammad-railsserver rails c

Once I have access to the Zammad console, it seems that the database is not connected properly. When I try to check the number of User records using User.count, it returns 0.

I’ve also attempted to run database migrations using the command:

docker-compose exec zammad-railsserver rake db:migrate

However, this hasn’t resolved the issue.

Can anyone help me identify what might be causing this problem?

Thank you for your assistance.

Duplicate of How can I use zammad console on docker-compose - #3 by sina and V6.0.0 Zammad-rails return empty values

Please be a little bit patient. This is a free community without any gurantees. Bumping or creating several topics of the same nature won’t speed up matters.

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