Damage reduction after wrong merge

Hey folks,

posting from a user perspective here. I have wrongfully merged two tickets that absolutely do not belong to each other. Now I have to cut the losses and see how to undo the damage caused by my inattention.

Any recommendations on what to do here? I’m grateful for any advice.


I’m afraid you can’t undo merges.
If you can’t loose the information and still have the possibility to differentiate in between both topics, you could use the split function to split all articles of one topic out of the ticket, merge these split tickets into one new ticket for the correct customer and do the same for the other round of articles. This would allow you to remove the “broken” ticket after wards.

Not sure if that helps, but would be the best way to not loose data.
If you can loose said data kill the ticket directly.

Thanks for the quick response! This is an option, however not ideal…

Each Ticket had 20+ articles, so splitting each out will take a while. Besides, I have to be careful about in which order I split them out, since I will lose the timestamp of the original article, correct?

Most likely I will just have to accept the nonsense I have produced there and hope for the best (i.e. and undo merge function…)

That’s correct I’m afraid.

You could at least mark all articles as internal or even switch the ticket customer to disable both of your customers to see the ticket in question. This would at least help to not leak customer A information to customer B.

Even if there is a “undo merge” function in the future, please note that this can’t apply to “old” tickets (so yours es example) because Zammad holds no information which article came from where originally.

(I just don’t want you to have high expectations which get destroyed in the end :frowning: )

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