Customizing zammad, also few technical issues

Hi people

I’m new in zammad, today 06/07/2021 just installed last version in my computer

I have few questions…

1 : I haven’t seen where are the email templates when inviting users

2 : When trying to delete Nicole Braun, zammad says I need to type “% s”. (I’m using zammad spanish version), so I cannot delete the user

3 : Is there any method to disable the email syncing when anyone create an account? I’ve used it first time and started to create 1 ticket for each email, I would like to avoid that happening to future users

The templates are pre defined by source code.
While you can change them this operation is not update safe.

User invite templates can be found here:

Looks like someone did funny things during translation. The place holders are incorrect which is why Zammad can’t display the relevant strings. It should be fixed for es-es now - please update your translations via the translations menu. If you’re using another spanish version please provide a translation suggestion via the Zammad UI and let me know which language it affects.

Sorry I don’t understand your question.
What exactly is the issue?

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