Customize migration of OTRS tickets


Currently we’re using an OTRS server to handle the communication to our customers and like to upgrade to a more up to date platform like Zammad. To evaluate Zammad as our new ticket system, we migrated our OTRS tickets with the migration plugin, which worked perfektly so far.

However, we’re wondering, if it is possible to costumize the migration of OTRS tickets.

Following issues occured:

  • Currently we don’t work with users‘ names; instead we use a userID. Unfortunately the migrated tickets from OTRS are linked to the customers email and name, but include no information about the userID (Actually we’d like to disable the requirement of entering a name when adding a new user at all. At the moment we added a new object for users but can’t disable the requirement of entering firstname and lastname)

  • Since we’re currently using a large number of different queues represented in a tree structure, we’d like to adjust this structure and therefore define, which queues are merged and then migrated into which previously defined group in zammad.

Any recommendations how to solve this issues?

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