Customer selection based on sender and receiver Liste


  • Used Zammad version: 6.1.0

I’m not sure, if this ist the right category, maybe it’s a feature request?

Configuration / Situation:

We have over 20 groups in Zammad.

  • 9 of them are shared groups like “First Level Support”, “Second Level Support”, “Project”, … (more than 10 people have access to these groups).
  • The others are personal mailboxes like “Steffen Wegscheider” (only 1-3 people have access to this group).
  • The Microsoft 365 / E-Mail Setting “Customer selection based on sender and receiver list” is set to yes

The setting works fine, but in some cases (all emails to personal mailboxes) it should be ignored:
When I receive an invitation to a Teams appointment with more participants, the wrong customer is often used.
In general: As soon as several people receive the email, not only the invitations.

Zammad does everything right, maybe I can disable the personal mailbox setting?

Why do we want to use Zammad instead of Outlook?
We just want to use one medium for all emails, all customer emails should be in Zammad without manually creating a ticket or forwarding the email.

Expected behaviour:

  • Agent sends mail to support@… and another recipient → The ticket user should change.
  • Agent sends mail to personal mailbox and another recipient → The ticket-user should NOT change.

Actual behaviour:

  • The ticket-user is changed in all emails.

Steps to reproduce the behaviour:

  • See Configuration/Situation.

  • The ticket-user is changed in all emails.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • see configuration / situation.

What exactly do you mean by “ticket user” Are you talking about the ticket customer? Or is the user displayed on the article side the “issue”?

I am not sure how to follow to be honest.