Customer saves her own template


we need to have the posability that our customers can save a template when creating a ticket…like agents can do.

Anyone got a tip for me!?

As far as I’m aware this is not possible.
Do you have a use case to understand the reason for that better?

Hi MrGeneration,

for one customer, we need to have a table in the body/text-field. As an agent, I can copy a table in the text-field and save it as a template. But as a customer, I don’t have this option.

Is there any other opportunity to do so?

I’ve taken a look.
This is not possible natively. Sorry.

You could bypass this with a E-Mail form from a website as example.

You cannot use templates and text shortcuts. This actually makes sense, because those could contain sensitive information you don’t want the customer to get.

Sorry about that.

Thx for your help! :slight_smile:

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