Customer Dashboard

When opening zammad as an agent, you are greeted by the dashboard which summarizes how you and your team handle workloads. As a customer, you only get an overview of your current tickets.
Depending on how zammad is used, in our case as a ticket system for coworkers, it might be a good idea to give customers a similar level of insight into tickets created by them, with information such as

  • response time to your ticket
  • tickets opened by you / currently worked on / closed statistics
  • relative impact of your tickets on general workload (“you’re a top 3 ticket creator this month”)
  • and so on

By showing statistics and such for customers we hope to emphasize our level of engagement with the customers, so that they feel more included and helped by us.
Some customers by definition create more tickets than others, we would to minimize possible feelings of frustration when they are only greeted by a list of tickets. We want to create more of a good feeling when opening zammad.

You have a point Sir,

For me only Sir,

the simplicity of the UI is the more important where the customer can easily find where they can create a ticket for their concern… in my setup in my costumer i have only 2 overviews 1 is the all open tickets and 2 is all closed tickets.

And again for me, as a support we can create good feeling to the customer when opening zammad when the customer read that the ticket is already done or have a update status.

that’s why in our setup time to time we don’t miss any update to our tickets…

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