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I would like to see a feature for something like a timezone Information.
As an example:
We are supporting international, so we have customers in many different time zones.
Every time we have to call a customer back on a different day we need to check the current time in his country/state.

It would be cool if a field in the customer details exist, that show the current time based on the customers time zone.
Something like this:

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Right now it is not possible.
But in the meantime maybe you could use the following workaround to help your agents:

I suppose each of your customers have a country field.
Given that you create a ticket field “time offset”.
Than create a trigger for each support country that sets the “time offset” field based on the country of the customer with i.e. “+3”.
Yes. Unfortunatly you have to build a trigger for each time offset.

Doing that, you can create a ticket overview for your agents and sort the tickets based on field “time offset”.

So your agents see all the tickets belonging to the same timezone and all they have to do is a little +/- maths to get the local time.

At least a workaround for you?

Instead of timezone we are using that for the different buildings our customers are working in.
We have a building field in the ticket that is set by a trigger based on the location of the customer.
By doing that we could easily group all tickets together that are belonging to one building. Important for onsite support to minimize travel time.

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