Custom notifications

I just saw my new favourite enhancement in the 2.7.0 changelogs:

So if i get it right, now i can do the following f. e.:
Instead of editing ../app/views/mailer/ticket_escalation/de.html.erb i’ll create de.html.erb.custom and this .custom file will be used instead of the default file if present AND it’s update save?

Oh and little question or fr (i don’t know):
The choice of naming it *.custom instead of custom.* messes up default syntax-highlighting (vim-user here, but other editors probably too).
This way you have to update your editor config, not a big deal but i’m just throwing it in here.


Yeah, I guess so because if I’m not mistaken thats what all editors use to know the file type which is needed for syntax syntax-highlighting.

Yeah it is. For vim on a debian os it’s pretty easy to “fix” this.
Just add “au BufReadPost *.custom set syntax=html” to /etc/vim/vimr.local.

That’s why it’s no big deal at all.


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