Custom Link Text for SAML Login Button

When configuring SAML as an external identity provider, a “SAML” Button appears under the Login. This is great for people who know hat “SAML” means, however most do not and try to use their SSO-Login in the username/password field instead of clicking the SAML-Botton to get logged in via Single Sign On.

It would be great when in the “Third Party” configuration it would be possible to determine which Text should be used, which that could be set to “Log in via account” or “Log in with SSO” or whatever feels appropriate to any system’s environment.


Why dont you create your own customer Style sheet with your standard SSO login icon that you use across your organization so users instinctively recognize it? That’s what we did, works great.

put them in:



sudo -u zammad zammad run rake assets:precompile
systemctl restart zammad-web

Job done. Note they will need to be re-applied after an update.

Thanks for the workaround, which I may try, but I don’t feel like creating custom styles for each tool and recompiling with each release is the way to go (in the long term).

In this case, I think everybody would gain from the option of having the button have a different text then the name of one of the technical standards involved in a process that is executed when pressing it.

Weblinks usually don’t just display the text “HTTP”, or “RFC 2616” just because when clicking them, an HTTP Link is used, Youtube-Videos have a Title and will not provide me with info on UDP or TCP or any of the protocols or standards involved. I feel like this kind of user experience is beneficial and should be enabled by the standard software.

This is now possible in the new version. The issue can be closed.