Custom Fields for Articles

Hello everybody,

we would like to add our own fields to articles within a ticket the same way as it is already possible for tickets, users, organizations and groups: Objects — Zammad documentation

In our use case we would like to use them for a more advanced / granualar time tracking / time accounting so that we can can record the following on a per article basis:

  • Start Date
  • Start Time
  • End Date
  • End Time
  • billable / not billable
  • hourly rate office hours / after office hours
  • Short Description

That way it would be very easy for our accounting to identify which tasks have to be billed with which hourly rate. Moreover we could provide our customers detailed timesheets for their tickets (what was done, when).

But I think there are a lot more use cases if it would be possible to expand the custom field feature to articles within a ticket.

Unfortunately I’m not very experienced with programming so I can’t give advise about how to implement this feature but from my perspective it shouldn’t be too hard because this feature already exists for other objects (tickets, users, organizations and groups).

Of course we are willing to pay for this feature and make it available to everyone. But we were told that we need a support subscription to be able to ask for custom features. That means at least 2500 € for the subscription and probably another 2500 € for the feature development. Due to the fact that we have only three support employees that makes no sense for us.

So if someone is willing to help us (of course against payment) please leave a message.


I am also looking for same. Is there any solution to add additional fields to article?

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