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I would like to add a custom field that must be filled in for every ticket.

Is it possible to generate a “dynamic field” that supports an autocomplete function?
This field should be our client number, which comes from our ERP. The import could be done via SQL or CSV import.

Is there anything possible via API or database import or how would you best implement this?

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I’m afraid that while custom fields are no problem at all, dynamic filling of them is.

Personally, especially when talking about customer IDs, this is something you’d usually want to put onto your user which then could be synced by either Rails console, API or CSV import.

Personally I’d always advise against direct inputs into the database to ensure all sanitizers could run on the data you put into. For your own safety and to ensure nothing breaks.

The way how you synchronize is highly up to you, some users do have custom API scripts that

  • search for the user (to ensure the customer is created already)
    • if not found create the user
  • if found have a look onto the attribute data
    • update if needed

You could also use advanced search queries to reduce the workload if needed.

Topics that affects this in the docs which might help you on that journey:

Unfortunately, it is a bit more complicated.

The user who created the ticket is not the client at the same time. That is why we actually need a separate field for that to be filled somehow.

Only option I see is either filling in the ticket via API and setting that ticket object while doing that or by having a look afterwards either by API or e.g. scheduler. Especially on scheduler this however highly depends on how filterable this is.

My guess it isn’t at all which you’d have to stick by the API to “manually” fix that field or an agent doing it by hand.

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