CTI Popup after answer


  • Used Zammad version: 3.4
  • Used Zammad installation source: (source, package, …) package
  • Operating system: win 10
  • Browser + version: Chrome

Expected behavior:

  • in the Zammad CTI Push API ther are 3 events:
    1- newCall
    2- answer
    3- hangup

In short:
The caller in the left menu with the “+” (PopUp) will open after the call is answerd by agent (answer Event).

currently sending the “Popup” when a “newCall” event is received.
I think it wrong, and Popup should be when a response event is “answer”.
Even if there is a match on a “Notify Map” It does not bounce Popup at the moment of answer.

Another thing,
When sending a newCall event, in the “TO” parameter I want to send the queue number.
And when an “answer” event occurs I want to send in the “TO” parameter the agent number that answered the call because in newCall I still don’t know who answered the call.

Actual behavior:

  • CTI PopUp appears when receiving newCall Event.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Zammad url > manage > integration > CTI (generic)
    Send incoming call via API

Not really sure which direction this goes, but according to our documentation when your telephone system sends and “answer” event, it will want to provide answeringNumber which is the extension of the agent picking up.

By doing this, you can use the notify table (last table where you can provide extension number and agent account) to tell Zammad which extension belongs to which agent. This allows Zammad to open the new ticket dialogue for the right user upon “answer” event.

I’m talking about direction in (incoming calls)
What I mean is that it currently appears when a newCall event is receiving .


As soon as an agent actually answers the call, and "answer event" is received in zammad, the pop ups is gone. Then it is ineffective…

In my opinion this should appear when zammad receiving "answer event".

Even if we send answeringNumber together with answer event, it doesn’t matter

Actually what you’re describing works like intended.
This information disappears as soon as an agent answers that call - instead, if the notify assignment is correct, the picking up agent will get a new ticket dialogue opened by Zammad.

This is why it’s no longer required to hold the inbound call information on the left side.

I think it should appear after answer and not during idle ringing.

Hello Everybody,

we have the same problem, the agent pick up the call and no ticket dialogue for a new ticket is opened by Zammad.

We set all the stuff in the notify table and in the agent settings /phone number) etc.

Someone can point us in the right direction where we have to look or which switch is still to be set or we make a mistake in the setup.

The pbx send a answer like this

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