CTI Integration not working

Hello to everyone,

we have a strange behavior with the CTI integration.
Our PBX Vodia has an integration with Zammad and Vodia says that the integration with a hosted system runs directly from Zammad.

We have a Debian installation on our own server and no incoming call is displayed.
I can’t find anything in the LOG’s.
How can I tracing better here ?

from the pbx log

https:URL.de:443: Connect to IP
https:URL.de:443: Send request
POST /api/v1/cti/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HTTP/1.1 Host: URL.de Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded Content-Length: 135


|[9] 22:27:46.737|Initialize TLS connectionⓘ|
|[7] 22:27:46.737|https:URL.de:443: TCP disconnectⓘ|
|[7] 22:27:46.738|https:URL.de:443: Return code 500ⓘ|
|[8] 22:27:46.738|https:URL.de:443: Return content (0 bytes)ⓘ|
|[7] 22:27:46.738|Closing connection https:URL.de:443ⓘ|

If I set the LOG data directly with a curl on the console of the PBX, the incoming call is displayed directly

curl -X POST --data “event=newCall&from=499116xxxxxxxxxx&to=49302xxxxxxxx&direction=in&callId=021163627481400000059896%40SIP_TO_USER.TB-LTM&user[]=xxxx%20xxxxxx” https://xxxxxxx.de/api/v1/cti/510N-hPy3kFxBERMcxxxxxxx

In the descriptions of the API CTI I only see HTTP:// on the left as endpoint but we have a URL for the endpoint with a HTTPS:// link that’s the only difference I see

Maybe someone can give us a tip in which direction or where you can log the API better to see something here

  • Used Zammad version: Zammad Version 3.4.x
  • Operating system: DEB

Expected behavior:

Calls are shown in Zammad

Actual behavior:

Calls are not displayed in Zammad

What I understood:
Your issue is that Zammad does not open the new ticket dialogue if one of your agents picks up the call.
Above only partly helps, but I did find another thread you posted on with this screenshot:

Your problem:
The screenshot shows that you configured the notify mapping between extension and agent.
But: There’s differences:

  • your pbx doesn’t send a number starting with +, but you provide it

The wording on this function is quite bad (I got that on my list) and on the moment the documentation was written, the functionality was not yet implemented.

What “notify map” actually means:
The caller ID Zammad is talking about here is not the number that is being called but the sip extension of the agent that picks up your call.

If you have a look at the CTI documentation ( https://docs.zammad.org/en/latest/cti/api-push.html ) you’ll find this attribute for an answer event:

attribute description
answeringNumber The number of the answering destination. Useful when redirecting to multiple destinations

With providing the sip extension of the user that’s answering with answeringNumber, your agents should receive the new ticket dialogue upon answering the call.

If I did not get your point, please describe the issue in this way:

  • what you’re expecting to happen if you do xyz
  • what really happens if you do xyz

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