CSV reporting all tickets with API


Thank you for your work!
I am not a programmer, more like a scripting guy.
I am writing a small reporting PHP script. The goal is to export in a csv file all the fields of all tickets. I am doing this using your php API client.
Do you guys have any idea of something similar that already exist?
Is there any better way of doing this?

In the returned array by the API ($client->resource( ResourceType::TICKET )->all();) why there are all the tickets enumerated multiple times? As many tickets as you have like: ZammadAPIClient\Resource\Ticket Object - client - last_response - data (here is also an array with all the tickets).
Where is the best place to get the data from?
Is there any way of getting the display name of the fields with the API?

Thank you,

Up - any1, anything?! :canoe:

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