Creating custom Channel or repurpose inactive ones


I’m currently in Zammad 6.0.0 and want to know how to create more channels to reply to.


Currently I have note and phone, but I’m working with an API to create a ticket, and I need a channel to reply to the sales team, and other channel to reply to the delivery team. I’m thinking to intercept wich channel the article was created (using webhooks) and then, send the message to the corresponding team.

I guess I need to write a package, right? Or is there a better way?
I still don’t know if can I mention other users in a ticket, or something…
Or maybe I can use other channels like fax, but it does not show when writing the article, only note and phone. Is there a way to also show fax in the image above?

Any other ideas?

All you want your agents being able to is to respond per email on tickets to customers… right?

Not quite. I’m using WhatsApp (an app similar to Telegram), where the delivery team can open a ticket (using trigger words). A webhook takes the message in WhatsApp and creates a ticket in Zammad using the API.

Now, I need to go back and forth with sales and delivery to solve the problem, but I want to keep the teams isolated from each other. So, while what both teams say goes to the Zammad ticket, they shouldn’t see each other’s messages. The agent inside Zammad sees both teams’ feedback and needs to respond accordingly to each team. I want a way to direct the response to either the sales or the delivery team.

I think if there were other channel options to use when creating an article from the web UI (as shown in the image I’ve sent above), I could use one channel to direct the response to the sales team, and another channel to direct the response to the delivery team.

In this way, Zammad agents would have access to the full history, and delivery/sales would be kept isolated. More channels in article creation would solve my problem.

I see. I’m afraid Whatsapp is not supported. I’m moving this to “development” category as it most likely needs custom development at some point.

I know whatsapp is not supported… I already integrate it using webhooks and API.
I only need a way to show more than note and phone channels when creating an article/response to a ticket within the web UI, like fax channel… Is it possible?

I’m sorry to change this back to technical assistance…
I may have offer to much information, but I basically only need to know how to enable the fax channel option here:

Currently there’s only note and phone…

Hi @mendoncart. Not sure what you are talking about, but there is no fax channel…

I think I understand what you try to achieve @mendoncart. Technically speaking, it’s not a channel, but an “Ticket::Article::Type”:

While it is possible to create new article types:
zammad/db/seeds/ticket_article_types.rb at 552c9aa4afcf6521aaed194de5842d0a2865c045 · zammad/zammad (

It takes, much, much more to make them visible in the UI and useable by API/Webhooks. For example, you’ll need to make sure, a channel icon is assigned:
zammad/app/frontend/shared/entities/ticket-article/composables/channelIconsMap.json at 552c9aa4afcf6521aaed194de5842d0a2865c045 · zammad/zammad (

And there are much, much more details you’ll need to consider.

I don’t think, it can be achieved just by configuring/console commands, you will need to dig deeper into the source code of Zammad to achieve this. This is far beyond my knowledge. And I think MrGeneration is right, by moving it to “Development”. Maybe the keyword “Article type” can help you with your research.

I know you’ll want to take a shortcut by just mis-using the “fax”-article type; unfortunately, I don’t know how to make it visible in the UI and what problems/dangers might appear, if you are able to do it. As you can see above the fax-type is already “active”. So there is more behind that, to make it visible/usable.

Don’t try anything of the above in a productional environment.

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I see.
Thanks everybody!