Create ticket via API and reply by default via email



we have implemented a custom web widget that interacts via API to create new tickets.

We noticed that tickets created via API doesn’t have the “Reply” button, but the agent needs everytime to switch to email channel and fill-out the ‘To’ email field manually even if the email is pushed via API (I can see the email set in the autocreated customer profile).

Is there some undocumented API field to be filled or some platform settings so that agent can simply press “Reply” button to respond to the ticket via email?



Just found this that may be relevant:



The default API documentation uses “type”: “note”, in ticket creation which will create the customer inquiry as a note.
Change that to either web or email and you should get the behaviour you are looking for.



type=email do the trick, thanks.

Unfortunately I get a different behaviour when creating a ticket via API rather than, for example, web creation.

When opening a new ticket from web, the customer gets a welcoming message saying that the support team will handle the request, and the support team receive a notification for the new ticket.

Instead, when opening a new ticket via API, the customer gets the an email with the content of its ticket (?) and the support team doesn’t receive any notification.

Don’t know why the behaviour is different.