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I would like to create an overview of tickets where a customer responded with a new message (via email) and an agent hasn’t responded to it yet. This is so we can have 1 overview which displays all tickets where a customer updated it with some new information, without, having to check the activity log, zammad logo.
Ideally i would be able to compare the last_contact_agent_at and last_contact_customer_at attributes (last_contact_agent_at<last_contact_customer_at).
I found another user who uses triggers and tags to accomplish this; Overview for last response by customers
But i think being able to compare the last_contact_agent_at and last_contact_customer_at, should be enough. I also tried to use the search function, but there it also doesn’t seem to work (last_contact_agent_at:<last_contact_customer_at)

Thanks Olaf

Just my 2 cents but this could be done with improving your workflow.
Instead relying on your overviews to do that (complexity and stuff) you could also use the pending states to filter those kind of tickets out.

If a customer replies to the ticket, it will automatically jump back to “open” and thus you can see if you still have to work on that ticket or not.

That could help you in my opinion.
I mean, beside adding further states as needed.

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Thank you for your reply, we’ll experiment with that approach.

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