Create notification settings more understandable and more flexible

Hello! Current notifications settings is hard for understanding and there is some limitations. For example I can’t set to get e-mails notifiacation of updates on group 1, group2, group3 and to get all updates about group4, group 5 as Zammad interface notifications… For now I can set either one or the other for all groups and I cant choose for different groups different notifications.
So, to make notification settings more flexible and more understandable I suggest to change notfication settings to something like this:

Thank you for contacting us. The notification system was designed like this from our developers to be simple and efficiency. We went with the approach that you want to have your notification for every Group the same, to avoid any confusion. Could you please provide me a use case why you want different Notification settings for every Group?

Thank you in advance.

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Because the logic of notifications that zammad uses now does not allow next things:

  1. It is not possible to make notifications for different kind of tickets in Zammad and e-mail. By Outlook, you can only duplicate those notifications that come to Zammad. But if you whant to get some kind notifications only by e-mail and not in zammad - you can’t do that. For example I whant to get the notification in zammad only about tickets where I am the owner. And by the e-mail I whant to recive the notifications about tickets where the owner not choosed. In current logic we can’t do that. In current logic you will get by e-mail the same notifications as in zammad.

  2. If I will check some groups in notifications, I should receive notifications for all groups that I have marked. But at the same time, I will additionally receive notifications about tickets from other groups that are not marked if I was choosed as owner of the ticket.

  3. It is not possible to receive notifications on tickets assigned to some another agent.