Create a trigger for tickets which have been reopened by the customer

Hi there!

First of all: We love Zammad! We implemented it a few months ago and we love it! THANK YOU to all the devs.

Now my question:

When we open a ticket for a user and solve it, we are closing it and sending an e-mail with a trigger. The e-mail just contains that the ticket with the corresponding ID was closed, so that the customers knows it.

However we often have customers who reply to the closing message with “thank you” or something like that. The problem is: The ticket gets reopened and we have to close it again, and another “ticket closed” message gets triggered to the customer. Is there some way of stopping that second “ticket closed” message?



Hi Marc,

While i don’t have a solution for it yet, this topic has been discussed before here; Do not reopen Ticket, but do not create a new one maybe it’s better to continue it there.

Cheers Olaf

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